air sweet air
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by cheryl wilgren clyneE(gg)xit
by Dean Clynevisitor / Alyssa Baguss work detailair air douxTrophy Buckjust like  honey
just like honey
Please join us on Friday, September 21, 2012 from 6-9 for the opening festivities for "just like honey", an international exhibit at air sweet air GALLERY, presenting a brand new world of dioramas!

The artists were asked to consider nature, the importance of nature to human existence (especially living in urban areas), the idea of manufactured nature and what happens when something from nature is eliminated.

A Perala
Aaron Dysart
Alisa Vignalo
Alyssa Baguss
Brian Hart
Frances Harty
Hazy Blue
Hiro Sakaguchi
Nick Howard
Phyllis Stapler
Sonja Peterson
Tim Gierschick II

more to be announced!